Photography by Hannah Grace

                                                          Photography by Hannah Grace



Welcome to Pear Place!

I'm Kayla Pearson, and this is my husband Andrew. An ISTJ married to an ENFP. Opposites in every way, at least from a Myers-Briggs standpoint.

We were married in 2016 on a beautiful, warm October day, after 6 years of dating and a lot of long distance phone calls through those college years. 

Now we're living together in the historic West Ghent area of Norfolk, Virginia. Our tiny apartment has all of the charms and quirks that you might expect from a 100 year old building.

I spend my days nannying a clever 2 year old girl, while Andrew manages a lab at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

We've got big dreams and goals for our little family, and we're excited to share all of our milestones and moments with you.

Thanks for stopping by!